Present Pattern Of Application


There has been a phenomenal increase in the use of Fly Ash in the cement production through the manufacture Portland Pozzolana Cement. Please refer to the figure in the adjoining area.


Fly Ash is used in Concrete to replace Cement directly at the concrete batching plants or at Ready Mixed Concrete plants to improve the application properties.


Coal Ash is used in making sub-base of roads, embankments, filling up low lying areas etc.

Bricks & Blocks

Both Concrete Blocks as well as Modular Bricks are made with Coal Ash / Fly Ash of appropriate quality.  


Fly Ash has been used as raw material in making different Ceramic Products. 

Agriculture & Forestry

Wheat and tomato crops are grown on Fly Ash applied plots at Rihandnagar(UP) 


A new technology is on the horizon in which 100% fly ash alone or with other compatible industrial wastes will be used to produce cement and concrete for both pre-fabricated construction as well as for insitu building.